5 Tips of finding the reputable removalists

When it is time to relocate, you either choose to do it yourself or delegate the whole process to a removal company.

If you need professional services, then choosing an experienced removal company is the best to go. Currently, there are dozens of such companies in the Gold Coast, and each one of them claims to be the best.

It sounds convincing, but you don’t want to put the safety of your valuables in any one’s hands. You need an assurance that professionalism is adhered to, during the whole operation.

Should you hire any Gold Coast Removals company?

Here are the factors to keep in mind.


Experience is a mark of reliability. Recently established companies may provide excellent services. However, this might be a little risky if you hire a company with little experience. Such companies are bound to make mistakes – costly mistakes.

For that matter, ensure that you hire a company that has full training and experience in handling relocations. Typically, hire a company that has been in the field for not less than five years. Such a company has not only just survived, but it means it has been doing a tremendous job in moving people.

Therefore, their technical expertise and knowledge let the removals move you quickly without any hassles.

Friendly staff

How does the company deal with potential clients and present clients? Looking for nothing short of professionalism – this is a mark of dependability.

You can easily spot this quality because it is the most apparent in any organisation. First, look at their approach towards advertisements. It should be a clean and decent approach.

Typically, the removals make themselves visible and approachable. The easiest way to achieve this is to create a website that provides clear and concise information to clients about their services.

Remember, you will be dealing with the moving staff directly. The team must be reliable as well as friendly. Apart from the website, you can also visit the office to observe how the staff communicate and respond to inquiries. An attentive and courteous demonstrates an eagerness to meet your needs.


Delays and other inconveniences are the worst things to experience on a moving day. Now, checking for punctuality can be a little tricky. Most companies promise to arrive early, but they may not.

Check from records or reviews. If they have a history of arriving early, then they are the best option for you. Some Gold Coast removals call you a half an hour before they arrive, just to get you ready for the day.

Extra Services and equipment

You expect straightforward services such as packing and transport. However, reputable and dependable companies offer a comprehensive range of services such as providing boxes, packing accessories, unpacking as well as car transportation.

A mover that offers additional services is the best option as the additional services are handy in most cases. Some may provide the extra service free of charge, while others offer them at a competitive rate.

Licensing, accreditation and insurance

A licenced company means it is capable of providing the services. Licensure is a strong proof of the qualification and capability of a company to render services. So check for updated licenses.

Besides, professional removalists have ISO accreditation more so the Occupational Health and Safety, and Quality Assurance. This is a commitment to keep the employees and customers safe. A company with certification is dependable.

Again, insurance policy on the items they transport gives you peace of mind throughout the whole process considering anything can happen during the process.