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What is a florist?

Are you a creative person who likes to work with beautiful things and add to the aesthetics of your surroundings? Being a florist is a great way to tap into your creativity and enjoy your work as well. The best part about being a florist is that you don’t need college degrees to show your proficiency. Mostly young students with a high school diploma and good esthetic skills can easily qualify as a florist

As a florist you would help your customers select the best bouquets and gifts for their loved ones. The immediate feeling of satisfaction when you see the excitement and joy on your client’s face can be pretty much fulfilling.

Though being a florist might sound like a glamorous job, there are quite a few downsides to it as well. It’s not just about beauty and prettiness, you need to do our fair share of work as well. There would be times when you might need to lift heavy loads, make oasis from heavy sponges and often cut your hand on those sharp little tools which florists use to design bouquets.

Also as a florist you would need to have great communication skills. This means you would need to be in empathy with all your customers. Whether they are nervous boyfriends, excited brides or someone looking for a sympathy bouquet. The ability to gouge the mood of your customers and then work accordingly is a secret most successful florists can vouch for.

How much can you expect to earn as a florist?

The hourly wage for most florists is $11 per hour. However there are certain factors which have an impact on an hourly wage. These include

  • The years of experience you have had working as a florist
  • Additional training
  • Whether you work for a florist or as a florist in a super market or grocery store
  • The location of your work space

What are the requirements for being a florist?

As an entry level florist you may not need any special education or training because most of the experience would be gained on the job only. If you are a high school graduate who is enthusiastic and passionate about your work, you might just as well be able to find employment at a florists.

However once you have gained the necessary experience you might want to look into training as a floral designer. For this you would need to finish a few courses to help enhance your skill. As an independent florist you may do well if you get certificate courses in event management and business administration skills. All this would help pave a successful career as a florist.

Though florists may not earn as much as those working in other disciplines but it a great career option for those who value beauty and aesthetics above all else. Also the ability to be empathic and take a part in other people’s happiness brings with itself a job satisfaction like no other.

If you are interested in becoming a florist make sure you check out the floral design courses conducted by us.