What to look for when purchasing caravan awnings

Awnings are the best way of getting the most out of your caravans. These awnings provide for many hours of relaxation enjoying the peace and quiet of the nature before you embark on your journey again. Getting the right awning can actually help double the size of your caravan. There are several options and varieties of awnings to choose from.

When you purchase a new awning, make sure to keep certain things in mind.


The cost

The price of the awning would help determine whether you could purchase it or not. The prices can vary from a few hundred dollar to almost thousands of dollars. There are so any options which you could choose form, make sure you buy an awning which is in your budget. The more expensive awnings have added features which can come in handy if you are using the caravan on a frequent basis. However, if you are using the caravan occasionally then a simple awning would do just as well.


Different types of caravan awnings for sale

The following are some of the options available

Inflatable awnings

One of the most portable and easiest awnings to enact. These are also known as air awnings. The awnings are inflatable and can be pumped with air whenever they are to be used. The best part about these awnings are that these are quite light weight and very portable. If you have a smaller caravan then these are a great option.

Porch awnings

These provide a mall extension of your caravan and are ideal for storing sports equipment, your wet clothes and a resting area for pets and children. These can be assembled and disassembled quite easily. These can be attached to all sorts of caravans and need not be affixed all the time. Rather these can be used if and when the need arises.

Another kind of porch awnings are light weight awnings, these are usually idea for caravaners who are almost always on the go and don’t stop too much to enjoy the view. Made from perfectly light weight materials these are pretty easy to erect and disassemble. However these have a much shorter shelf life.

Full sized awnings

If you are looking for an ample space then a full sized caravan awing should be your first choice. These are constructed to be pretty sturdy and are quite reliable. Plus these can be extended to almost double the size of your caravan. In fact these can be used to create one or two rooms as well. It all depends upon the size of the full sized awning and what you are aiming for.

When buying an awnings make sure to look out  for the following features for your comfort and safety:

  • Awnings with mosquito nets
  • Blinds
  • Awning with roof light strips
  • Ventilation spaces on the awning
  • The feet of the awnings should be spiked for better attachment

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