Valentines Day

Celebration of Love

Every year people around the globe celebrate Valentine’s Day with a great deal of zest and fervor. It’s that time of the year where you see huge decorations in red. Couples scurrying frantically searching for the perfect gift for their better halves.

There are huge discounts to avail from. Mall and public places turn into temples of love with heart shaped balloons and teddy bears gracing every nook and corner. For those who are in love, this day becomes a day of taking their vows of love seriously or declaring their love. So how exactly did people start celebrating Valentine Day? Below is a brief history of how it actually came into being.

The historical perspective

During Rome in the third century, there lived a priest by the name of St. Valentine. This was the time when many Romans were converting to Christianity. The Roman emperor, Claudius was strict and bitter. He believed that the soldier’s duty was toward the state and forbade them from marrying their loved ones. As a result, St Valentine was the one who carried out secret marriage ceremonies. His reputation as an ambassador of love grew and he became well known as the person who would unite two lovers in holy matrimony.

The course of true love never runs smooth and soon Claudius came to know of Valentine’s activities. He was thus caught and jailed. During the time he was jailed, he fell in love with the jailer’s blind daughter. It is said that he healed her blindness. Is last act of love was to write a love letter to her which he signed as from your Valentine. He was executed on the 14th of February, and this is why people remember this as the day of Valentine, the true and devoted lover.

However, it wasn’t until two hundred years later that this day was declared as a day of love by the Catholic Church. The English poet Chaucer was the first of poets to link Valentine with love. Soon after this day came to be known as the day of love which reunited two lovers.

Valentine’s Day today

Different cultures celebrate Valentine’s Day by adding a bit of their own special flavor. Though this day doesn’t necessarily symbolize the love between couples. It can be love of any kind. The love between a mother and her son. The love one has for children. Platonic love between two individuals.

There are special promotions on this day. You could enjoy a meal for two or even have a party with friends. There are special arrangements for wining and dining along with a romantic dance thrown in as well. Some people may choose to celebrate it at home while other may decide to paint the town red with their love. No matter how you celebrate Valentines Day, the best gift you could give to your loved ones is that of a fresh floral bouquet proclaiming your love.

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