The advantages of stone cladding

Stone cladding is a great way of improving the aesthetics of your home. It can add some major impact to the interior or exterior spaces. Plus it is a budget friendly way of decorating your home. Stones are durable materials which require very little maintenance. Stone cladding has made a comeback when it comes to interior decoration. Previously only found in pubs or antiquated space, stone cladding is now used in homes as well.

What is stone cladding? Here are a few things for you to know:

Stone cladding is made up of natural materials

These days’ lots of people prefer using natural materials for their indoor spaces. Mainly because natural materials are ecofriendly yet at the same time provide an aesthetic appeal which a home owner desires.

While the stones are not smooth and have many imperfections it is this very Imperfection which provides a natural texture and variation to the décor. You also have the choice of using desired color tones to create a visual masterpiece. You can choose to go for a cool grey wall or you may prefer to use the warm brown tones.

Stone cladding is durable

When used for outdoor spaces, stone wall cladding is the best option, usually because stone walls are resistant to chipping and breaking. Even a concrete cladding can chip but stone walls can stand the test of time. Another reason why homeowners prefer using stone cladding is the little or no maintenance it offers. People are often amazed to see that their wall panels tend to age beautifully over time. Another important factor is its property of being fire-resistant. This is beneficial for those people who live in areas which are prone to fire breakouts.

Pretty easy to install

It is quite easy to install a stone wall cladding. All you need is a structurally sound wall which is suitable for adding the cladding. The cladding tiles come in different sizes. You have the option of choosing bigger or smaller sizes depending on your preference. This when layered with a smoothing agent at the back which helps improve adherence to the existing walls. Some stone wall cladding panels come with interlocking elements which allow you to achieve the desired finish.

Stone cladding is quite versatile

It should be kept in mind that stone cladding can be used for various applications

  • Stone cladding can be used in the home interior. The cladding material would be ideal to decorate a wall in the bathroom or to improve the aesthetics of the fireplace. Such a wall can also help create a visual division for people living in open floor homes.
  • Stone cladding is equally effective when used outside the homes. It can add an interesting texture to the building façade. Stone cladded walls look great in gardens as well as yards.

With so many benefits which stone cladding offer, it’s no wonder that all smart homeowners want it to be used in their homes.