Flower Arrangements

Different Flower Arrangements

There are many kinds of different flower arrangements. The following are few off the most versatile and common kinds. These include

The fan shaped flower arrangement

The flowers and the leaves are arranged in the shape of a fan. This is one of the most commonly used design by different florists and works well every time why because it’s simple and actually brings out the beauty and delicacy of flowers. It can be either designed from flowers of a single color and assorted ones as well. If there are any empty spaces between the flowers those are filled with fillers in the form of smaller flowers.

Vertical flower arrangements

One of the most common kind of bouquets are made in a vertical floral arrangements. These consist of an assortment of various flowers. This kind of flower arrangement can be versatile because the choice of different flowers is limitless. Plus it’s a pretty design which is much appreciated by both customers and florists alike.

Elliptical floral arrangements

As the name suggests, elliptical floral arrangement is done in the shape of an ellipse. The usual flowers used for these kind of arrangements include, roses, dahlias, lilies and tube roses. Mostly brightly colored and sweet smelling flowers are used for these kind of bouquets as they are more about festive occasions and bight displays. These can be presented at birthdays, weddings and parties. Florist would normally use a color coordinated scheme to add more beauty to the arrangement.

Horizontal Flower Arrangement

In a horizontal flower arrangement the flowers are arranged in the form of rows. The most common kind of flowers.

Triangular flower arrangement

In a triangular floral arrangement the flowers are cut and arranged in the form of a triangle. The bigger flowers are kept in the middle and the smaller flowers are arranged along the edges to create a balance and a particular triangular shape. Triangular bouquets are usually covered with cellophane to be presented as gifts at special events.

Oval shaped flower arrangement

The oval shaped flower arrangement is another common type of floral arrangement. Most florists would recommend you to purchase an oval shaped bouquet because of its simple yet classy design. The flowers and the leaves are trimmed in accordance with the oval shape to create balance and harmony. The flowers are arranged in such a way that the bouquet looks big and classy. There may be may fillers added to the bouquet to create a festive look. These kind of arrangements are usually used a decoration center pieces.

Cascading floral arrangements

Cascading floral arrangements are perhaps the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing arrangements of all these. The bouquets consist of a whole lot of flowers of various shapes and sizes. These arrangements not only consist of flowers and leaves but are also filled with fresh green grass to create a festive yet beautiful look.

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