The Wide Applications of Polished Concrete Floors Brisbane

Varied applications use a wide variety of concrete. Concrete used in Brisbane range from building foundations to highways. Yet, flooring spaces of both residential and commercial properties also use concrete. It is because the incredibly strong molecular structures of concrete make it the ideal material used for all types of flooring applications.

Much like sanding a piece of wood, the process to create polished concrete uses a rough blade to chip slowly away the layers to make it smooth. The incredibly smooth surface of polished concrete is produced after multiple fine polishing and application of liquid densifiers afterward.

The use of a liquid densifier adds strength and glossy sheen to the porous concrete.

How appropriate is the use of polished concrete floors Brisbane in both residential and commercial properties?

Any commercial or residential property can desire to use polished concrete floors. A polishing job can quickly replenish overlays and older concrete floors.

The tough flooring provided by polished concrete floors is a great option for retail spaces that are subject to a lot of foot traffic. Polished concrete floors are also the best choice for industries that cannot use linoleum or hardwood for their needs. Homeowners, on the other hand, will enjoy the durability, easy maintenance, and the wide range of colour options provided by polished concrete floors.

Colour options

Gray is not the only colour option for polished concrete floors. Completing the polishing process of polished concrete can be easily stained or dyed by polishing professionals. Just like choosing a paint tone, polished concrete offers a wide range of colours from beige to red.

The staining or dyeing of polished concrete depends on the work method of professional professionals. They either use a liquid concentration or powdered material to dye the polished concrete. A customer can readily acquire their desired colour and finish (matte or gloss) to their polished concrete flooring.

Engraving the floor is possible too

Adding flair to the polished concrete floor can be done with engravings. Many industries prefer to have their business logos etched permanently to their polished concrete floors.

Doing so provides businesses with an advertising strategy that is not only unique but fashionable as well. Decorative etchings can be requested by homeowners who want trendier polished concrete flooring. The designs available can range from abstract to flower shapes.

Why choose polished concrete flooring?

Why has polished concrete flooring become the popular choice for both industries and residences? It is a given that concrete is a naturally strong material. However, the molecular strength of the concrete flooring drastically increases when its top layer is polished.

The polishing makes the concrete impenetrable to the damage caused by spilled food, liquid or grease. The reflective surface of polished concrete floors including the matte ones is further enhanced with any light fixtures in the room.

Best of all, polished concrete floors are safer compared to other floor types such as vinyl. The friction retained by the floor even after polishing makes it safe for walking.

Now that you know the differences with polished concrete floors, are you ready to have one for your property? Your project can easily be helped and remedied when you get the right professional to do it.