Welcome Your Baby the Right Way

Are you happening to prepare yourself for a new family member? If so, first in order are congratulations and secondly, how do you prep for a new baby?

If this isn’t your first child you may already have most things sorted and done, experience helps a lot with a new baby and you probably know what to start with. If you’re a new parent however, there is no need to be intimidated by the thought of a new baby, we’ll tell you what you need to do first and why.

The most important thing you have to figure out for a baby on the way is its own space. Now if you have an extra room that is up for takes then you have your baby nursery and if you don’t have that kind of extra space all you need is one corner of a room that can easily accommodate a newborn.

Way before you look into purchasing baby furniture like cribs, changing tables and a chest of drawers you have to figure out the available space and then cater it to accommodate a baby. To cater to the arrival of a baby a room should look like a baby nursery, it allows a new mother the peace of comfort of being in a serene room that specifically caters to her baby and also is great for the baby’s mood and even to keep occupied. Psychologically colors and patterns have been playing their effect in our mind from the minute we open our eyes as babies, which is why you will find baby friendly colors and patterns in baby nurseries, day care centers and even at the pediatrician’s office. The effect of calming colors and shapes help babies feel comfortable in their surrounding and the colors can keep them busy while they try to figure them out.

A plain white wall just will not do to welcome a newborn. Now with your finances divided to help take care of the baby it is understandable that you may not want to spend a hefty amount on just decorations while many other important baby-matters still need to be taken care of. For this very reason think about putting up baby nursery wallpaper, and they will change your boring plain room in a baby haven!

Since you may be short on time and money for such a thing, pre-printed wallpapers and designs already exist in several hardware stores and can even be purchased online. They come with glue that just needs a little water at the back of them and stick straight up on plain walls, preparing you for the baby to come! They are non-toxic, easy to clean up which cannot be stressed enough with a new baby that is bound to make all sorts of messes. You can cover up your entire four walls the way you like in a baby nursery with keeping your main wall a darker color and the other three walls a lighter color to give the room a more expanded and wide look or you could just have one wall with wallpaper on it you’re a room if the entire room is not meant to be exclusively by a nursery. Either way, the minute the wallpaper comes up the smile on  your face will thank you for it and so will your baby’s cooing!