Interesting Facts about Rendering in Sydney

Have you been wondering why so many people in Sydney are choosing rendering as a protection for their home’s exterior? Apart from being aesthetically appealing, there are several other reason to choose rendering as a home improvement you should be making this year.

  • Rendering is one way of recycling material. Left over cement which is normally used for other purposes if also used to make render which is then applied on walls.
  • It’s also a great way of adding life back into dull walls which have started looking worn and decrepit. A home which has a tired looking exterior doesn’t do a great deal for its aesthetic appeal. On the other hand rendering provide an instant face lift to the walls, making those look all graceful and new.
  • Rendering a home means that you are free of maintaining the exterior of your home. Render consists of pigments which can make your walls look great for decades. With render on the walls you don’t have to worry about painting the walls every other year or so. So you also end up saving money in the long run. It is one of those home improvement plans which can be considered one time and which doesn’t need any additional maintenance.

  • Rendering is a great solution to saving energy. Rendered walls act like an insulation for your home. It is said that 30% of the energy in homes is lost through the walls. When a layer of rendering I added to the walls it can help insulate the home. Cool air from the air conditioner stay inside and so does the warm air from the heater. This would also help lower the utility bill. So be mart and invest in rendering your home.
  • There are many variety of render available for you to choose from. You have the option of going for render which is made from cement, limestone and sand. Sometimes a render is made out of all three of these materials to provide all the benefits to home owners. Plus one benefit of render is that any pigment can beaded to it to get a particular color palate. You can either choose the cool hues of white and sky blue or go for the more earth terra cotta tones.
  • Renders can also contain additives like resin. It’s a plastic additive and is responsible for giving elasticity to the rendering on the walls. So when the weather turns extremely hot you don’t have to worry about cracks appearing in the render. Acrylic resin is a great choice because it’s both water proof as well as weather resistant. While it may be an expensive option, it has its own set of advantages.
  • Another kind of render which is quite popular is render made from synthetic silicone. It I one of a kind and is the most weather resistant of all renders available. For people who live in coastal areas this kind of rendering can be a great choice.

With so many advantages, it’s no wonder why a lot of home owners are looking for rendering companies in Sydney.